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The ancient Incas of the Peruvian Andes are known for their advanced agricultural skills and ingenuity.  Among their many discoveries was the value of seabird guano, derived from the droppings of fish-eating birds off the coast of Peru.  This guano made an excellent fertilizer that kept their soil rich and fertile.  So precious was this fertilizer to the Incas that killing even a single guano-producing bird was an offense punishable by death.

Today’s farmers know exactly why the ancient Incas placed such value on Peruvian seabird guano.  This 100% organic fertilizer is uncommonly rich, with high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous to stimulate microbial action in the soil.  The nitrogen is present in both immediately-available and longer-lasting forms, while the available phosphorous is present at levels that are otherwise very difficult to achieve organically.