How long has Blue Ocean Organics been in business?

Blue Ocean Organics has been in operation since 1995, and has spent years building the relationships that are required to smooth the import process and develop a reliable supply line. The company is among the oldest and largest distributors of Peruvian Seabird Guano fertilizer.

Does Blue Ocean Organics fertilizer meet all the metrics for the Leafy Green Marketing Association (LGMA)?

Yes. Our products meet all of the requirements related to the food safety rules established by the LGMA.

Is Blue Ocean Organics PSG Plant Food Pellets 12-12-2.5 listed with Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)?

Yes. Blue Ocean Organics PSG Plant Food Pellets 12-12-2.5 is an OMRI Listed Product. It may be used in certified organic production according to the USDA National Program Regulations.

What crops benefit from the use of  Peruvian seabird guano?

Our product has been used on literally dozens of crops including citrus, blueberries, strawberries, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and wine grapes. Seabird guano is an excellent fertilizer for all crops that need nitrogen and phosphorous. There simply is no a product on the market with higher levels of nitrogen and phosphorous.

What rates of application should be used on various crops?

Depending on the crop, farmers typically apply from 200 pounds to 1,500 pounds of fertilizer per acre.

What are the freight rates for delivery of the fertilizer?

Freight rates change frequently. Current rates will be provided when your order is placed.
What is the minimum shipment? The minimum order is 2,200 pounds, or one pallet, of fertilizer.

Does Peruvian Seabird Guano have a high salt content?

No. In fact, the salt index for this type of fertilizer is relatively low (53.8), meaning sodium levels will not be an issue.

In what other ways does Blue Ocean Organics support the environment?

Blue Ocean Organics always uses low-polluting trucks to transport the fertilizer from the warehouse to ports for delivery. We also maintain standards and meet all of the requirements set forth by OMRI and LGMA.